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Lord Krishna's words..
"who sees me in all things, and all things in me, is never far from me, and I am never far from him."

Swamiji's quotes..
"After all meeting is prelude to parting.."
(7/6/2015): V Gangadhara Rao from Tadepalligudem,West Godavari dt says - I am very grateful to you that your spirtual,self awareness speeches were uploaded in you tube.

(6/14/2007): kusumalatha Jilla from hyderabad says - kjhkjlk

(6/14/2007): kusumalatha Jilla from hyderabad says - kjhkjlk

(7/6/2015): Nikemax from says - Just at that moment, a heavy'load truck with earth roared forward at my side and bumped against a private Accord of Honda travelling eastbound. As a result, the windshield in the lorry was broken into pieces and its driver got fatally wounded on the head on the steering wheel. The driver from the Accord and his girlfriend, the only passenger in the automobile, only got minor injuries, but his vehicle lost its rear axel and two wheels and was totally dead. Nikemax

(7/6/2015): Toms Sko salg from says - Cyberattacks on Estonia are a series of cyber attacks that began 27 April 2007 and swamped websites of Estonian organizations, including Estonian parliament, banks, ministries, newspapers and broadcasters, amid the country's disagreement with Russia about the relocation of the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn, an elaborate Soviet era grave marker, as well as war graves in Tallinn.[1][2] Most of the attacks that had any influence on the general public were distributed denial of service type attacks ranging from single individuals using various methods like ping floods to expensive rentals of botnets usually used for spam distribution. Spamming of bigger news portals commentaries and defacements including that of the Estonian Reform Party website also occurred.[3].And despite the invocation of Article 5 for the Afghanistan war, there have been large discrepancies in the resources devoted by the alliance members to it. Germany for example has kept its soldiers away from the conflict ridden south.. West Africa's struggling health systems have buckled under the pressure of an Ebola outbreak that has already killed about 1,900 people. Nurses in Liberia are wearing rags over their heads to protect themselves from the dreaded disease, amid concerns that shortages of protective gear throughout the region are responsible for the high Ebola death toll among health workers..

(7/6/2015): Low Infrared 23 6s for sale from says - Let me begin this morning by reading the Safe Harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements in this presentation concerning Lincoln Educational Services Corporation's future prospects are forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties.

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